Second female


Second Female was established in the year of 2000, as one of the first brands introducing fashion, based on short term deliveries.

The collections are feminine and commercial. With 4 yearly collections, the newest trends are constantly shown, still keeping in mind simplicity combined with marked demands.

In the year of 2010 Second Female launched 4 yearly long-termed collections in which the fashion modern classic look was the core.

The idea behind the collections is to create a sophisticated and international design with the well known Scandinavian touch. Our collections are created by a modern and energetic design team, in close cooperation with sales and retail, which gives the product a commercial point of view.

In the office which is located in the east end of Copenhagen, in the old industrial harbour area, the surroundings and the environment gives inspiration to the innovation, and identity of the brand.

The success of the brand is shown by its international level. The distribution of sales can be found throughout countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and UK and is represented for more than 700 point of sales worldwide.

Enjoy our passion for fashion.